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Halloween Activities on Campus and More! Campus 

Halloween Activities on Campus and More!

Hey, Vanier Students! Are you ready to celebrate Halloween on Campus? Get excited because Vanier Student Life, VCSA, and Vanier MEDLIFE have organized many fun activities for you!! 

The VCSA organizes multiple Halloween activities and events on Campus. On October 25th, there will be a pumpkin stress ball giveaway at the VCSA Office C-214. On October 26th, there will be Halloween cookies at the VCSA Office C-214. On October 27th, the VCSA organized a pumpkin carving contest that will be happening during UB in the tent between the D & N building. During the contest, you will have 1 hour to crave the most creative and unique pumpkin. There are places for a maximum of 15 teams, with a maximum of 3 participants in each team. To participate, use the link provided on Omnivox to sign-up and reserve your spot. 

Vanier Student Life has also planned many exciting and fun activities to do on Campus for Halloween. On October 27th, there will be Halloween Tarot Card Readings in the tent between the D & N building from 12:30 – 2 pm. Another exciting activity they will be hosting is Werewolf, which will also be during UB, in the tent between the D & N building. 

The VCSA and Student Life have many more activities planned for you. On October 28th, there will be Halloween cupcakes at the VCSA Office C-214. Also, on October 28th, the Vanier Student Life will be hosting a Horror Movie Kahoot, from 12-2 pm. The game pin will be posted online. 

On October 29th, VCSA will be having a costume contest. To participate, all you have to do is show up to the VCSA Office C-214 wearing your Halloween costume for a chance to win prizes. 

There will also be a Haunted House event, hosted by Vanier Student Life and the VCSA, on October 29th from 2 pm-6 pm. So, if you are brave enough to go through the haunted house alone or with a friend, come to the tent between the D & N building and get ready to be frightened!! 

With all these fun activities taking place, MEDLIFE will be hosting a Nightmare on Vanier Campus on October 30th. They will be screening the movie The Shining (1980) at the N- Rugby Field. The entry fee is $10 per person. You can purchase tickets at the VCSA Office C-214. They will also be selling tickets on October 30th, before the movie at 6 pm. All proceeds go towards the Tanzanian community. You can also buy food at the event, cotton candy, popcorn, and Mr. Pretzels. The movie will start at 7 pm, but if you want to get a good spot to see the movie make sure to get there before 7 pm. 

The next big, exciting activity that will be happening on Campus is the Squid Game Event on November 10th. All six games, as seen in the Netflix show, will be played, but in a safer way. It will be from 12:30-2 pm in the tent between D & N. You can sign-up using the link on Omnivox. More information about the games and the event can be found on Vanier Student Life’s Instagram page. 

So, look forward to having a fun Halloween on Campus by participating and joining the events that will be hosted by VCSA, Vanier Student Life, and Vanier MEDLIFE. More information on each event can be found on Instagram @vanierstudentlife, @vcsavanier, and @medlife.vanier, so make sure to follow them on their Instagrams. Have a safe and spooky Halloween! 

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