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The Importance of Orange Shirt Day Voices 

The Importance of Orange Shirt Day

Orange Shirt Day is a day in which people wear orange shirts to commemorate Indigenous children sent to residential schools. The event takes place on Thursday, September 30th. While Orange Shirt Day is important every year, this summer, the world discovered mass graves under residential schools where thousands of children were murdered. With all that being said, it is important to wear your shirt and educate yourself now more than ever on the genocide of indigenous peoples and their culture.  The unceded land Montreal is on is the Indigenous lands…

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College Covid Case Count Now on Omnivox Campus 

College Covid Case Count Now on Omnivox

A little disclaimer for those who have not been made aware yet, every Tuesday and Friday on Omnivox, there will be updates on our case count at Vanier.  As of now, the current number of total cases is thirty-six, and we have an average of nine cases every week. While this number may be relatively small compared to a large number of students and staff currently at school, it is important to continue to follow public health guidelines. Wash your hands, wear your mask correctly, maintain a distance of two…

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Upcoming VCSA By-Elections Campus 

Upcoming VCSA By-Elections

The VCSA By-Elections are currently underway. The positions that are available for the upcoming By-Elections are: Treasurer, Internal Affairs Coordinator, Academic affairs Coordinator, Communications Coordinator, Clubs Coordinator, and Community Coordinator.   A very brief description of each of the position’s roles and responsibilities:  The treasurer is to be responsible for the management of the Association’s finances.   The Internal Affairs Coordinator is responsible for acting as the official coordinator of internal communication within the executive council.  The Academic Affairs Coordinator is responsible for being the liaison between the academic council and the…

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Back to School under COVID – Interview with Director General John McMahon Campus 

Back to School under COVID – Interview with Director General John McMahon

It was the moment that many Vanier students were hoping for: going back to in-person learning. For returning and new students, the idea and experience of going back to school under a pandemic can create a mixed bag of emotions. From the excitement of seeing friends and teachers again to fear over catching the virus in the classrooms, here at the Insider, we have asked our own Director-General, John McMahon, about his thoughts and feelings about going back to school on campus, in the hopes of enlightening and reassuring students….

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