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Upcoming VCSA By-Elections Campus 

Upcoming VCSA By-Elections

The VCSA By-Elections are currently underway. The positions that are available for the upcoming By-Elections are: Treasurer, Internal Affairs Coordinator, Academic affairs Coordinator, Communications Coordinator, Clubs Coordinator, and Community Coordinator.  

A very brief description of each of the position’s roles and responsibilities: 

The treasurer is to be responsible for the management of the Association’s finances.  

The Internal Affairs Coordinator is responsible for acting as the official coordinator of internal communication within the executive council. 

The Academic Affairs Coordinator is responsible for being the liaison between the academic council and the executive council, hearing students’ academic concerns, and referring them to the appropriate person. Defend students who feel unjustly and unfairly treated by the college or its staff. 

The Communications Coordinator is responsible for being the primary controller of the Association’s social platforms. Publicize events organized or sponsored by the Association. 

The Clubs Coordinator is responsible for assisting and promoting the efficient operation of the student clubs sponsored financially by the Association, overseeing and/or supervising all club events.

The Community Coordinator is responsible for the development and implementation of the Association’s community values.

Nomination period began on September 13th. During this time, any full-time Vanier students can nominate themselves to be part of the VCSA student council. All nominees running for an available position within the VCSA Council must follow the rules set by the Electoral Committee to become a validated candidate for their running position. The nomination period closed at the end of the week of September 20th.  

Campaign periods begin on September 27th and will be held for one week. There will be a candidates debate that will be held on September 29th in the Amphitheatre during UB. All Vanier students are welcome to come and watch the candidates debate and ask questions. Campaigning period will close by the end of the week.

The voting day for the VCSA By-Elections will be held on October 4th. All full-time Vanier students are encouraged to vote. The voting process will happen through Omnivox. After the voting, the officially elected VCSA Council members will be announced by the Electoral Committee on their Instagram page, October 6th and 7th.

Be sure to be following the Electoral Committee on Instagram @vcsa_by_elections_2021 for more information about the council positions or if you have any further questions about the by-elections. Also, be on the lookout for special events during campaign week, hosted by the Electoral Committee, that you participate in and win prizes for! The special events and their prize winners will be announced through their Instagram.
By Diba Khanam

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