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Tristan’s Fall Arts 

Tristan’s Fall

TW: depictions of depression and suicide    They say that autumn is the most beautiful season on Earth. Tristan didn’t think that way. Ever since he started high school, something terrible always struck him in the fall. As a freshman, Tristan lost both of his parents. As a sophomore, he failed in nearly all of his classes. As a junior, he failed to qualify for the trivia team. Tristan is convinced that he is always cursed in autumn. No matter how hard he tried to overcome his superstition, life would…

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The Echoing Whisper Spook the Insider 

The Echoing Whisper

I was an ordinary man, like any other man. I had my usual schedule: waking up, going to work, coming back and doing it all again the next day. I kissed my wife, Mia, and went off to work. Each day, more boring than the last, I was a factory worker and laboured about 60 hours a week which caused me to basically live at my job. As a basic guy, I loved my wife and hated my job, but I had to do what was necessary to keep my…

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The Ghosts of Vanier College Spook the Insider 

The Ghosts of Vanier College

Do you believe in ghosts? Have you ever seen one? Stay at Vanier long enough, and you are bound to have a ghost encounter of your own. Located between two cemeteries, built on moved graves, and housing the spirits of dead nuns, Vanier has been a hotspot of paranormal activity for decades. Don’t believe me? Well, let me present to you some true ghost stories that took place on our very campus. One story comes from an alumnus of Vanier College, Christina Marando. It took place several years ago, near…

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