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That One Gesture News 

That One Gesture

  On the 13th of March, Vanier Students left the college’s campus to go on their Spring Break. What they did not realize is that they also left their normal student lives behind.    COVID-19 has negatively impacted the lives of millions of Canadians: Students can no longer go back to their classrooms, people have lost their jobs and the government imposed social distancing rules. The 2019 Novel Coronavirus has also hurt many communities. One of those affected communities is Montreal. Once a beautiful city filled with people, now became…

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Blood and Plasma Wanted Unless You’re Gay Voices 

Blood and Plasma Wanted Unless You’re Gay

On May 17th, Quebec’s Prime Minister François Legault reminded us that we should “continue to denounce homophobia and transphobia.” Despite this statement, government-funded health institutions continue to have homophobic and transphobic rules. The discriminatory nature of these so-called “safety precautions” has been recently highlighted in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. With the mounting number of cases worldwide, health organizations have been pleading with the public to consider donating blood and plasma.   Montreal resident Adam Capriolo posted an image on his Instagram account which detailed his encounter with Hema-Quebec….

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Acquaintance Arts 


It seems like it’s been a while Since they last saw each other. They engage in small talk And, as sugar drips from their lips, They revel in its sweetness, Having forgotten the taste Of exchanging pleasant, Velvety words, Delivered softly, Smoothly Yet, crushed. By Fin  

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Quarantine in the Time of Coronavirus Entertainment Voices 

Quarantine in the Time of Coronavirus

Day 1 (March FRIDAY THE 13th) : I have no classes on Fridays, but my comrades are forced to attend school, risking their lives for their education. Later, Legault announces that all schools are to be closed for two weeks. Day 2: I had insomnia last night, and I am awoken in the wee hours of the morning.  I am unproductive, but I do an ab workout to stay fit.  I listen to music all day, and I even develop a newfound obsession with sudokus. However, I soon experience a…

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The Covid-19 Pandemic: Racism in a Time of Mandatory Division News Voices 

The Covid-19 Pandemic: Racism in a Time of Mandatory Division

This moment in time is marked by fear, as well as shrouded in confusion and uncertainty. What was once spring fever has now transformed into the stir-crazy feeling we’re all too familiar with as we begin to approach our second month of isolation. Yes, tensions are rising as the once-seemingly-harmless cough in line has now become reason enough to feel panic in one’s chest, resulting in possibly volatile reactions. However, a particular group found within society is on the receiving end of such external stressors. Hate crimes against East-Asian people…

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Five Years Later: My Tribute to Bruce Peterson Voices 

Five Years Later: My Tribute to Bruce Peterson

This first weekend of May is going to mark the fifth anniversary of Bruce Peterson’s death.   For many of us, the first person we know that has passed away was a beloved pet or one of our grandparents. I’m pretty sure no one would think that a teacher close to us was the first person that has passed away. Well, this was the case for me with Bruce Peterson.   If my memory serves me right, Bruce Peterson was born in California in 1945. I still remember a black-and-white picture of…

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Let’s Talk About “Art, Literature, and Everything in Between” Features 

Let’s Talk About “Art, Literature, and Everything in Between”

During these times of crisis, there’s no doubt that art inspires life, hence recording artists’ impromptu music releases and virtual concerts that serve as a means to uplift our spirits (see here Sophie’s article on concert live streams to this effect).   However, by the same token, life inspires art, and this continues to be true amid the pandemic; photographers capture images of the empty streets, while writers and painters find the subjects of their works in solitary confinement. Thus, nothing has changed, as this relationship between art and life…

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