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On the 13th of March, Vanier Students left the college’s campus to go on their Spring Break. What they did not realize is that they also left their normal student lives behind. 


COVID-19 has negatively impacted the lives of millions of Canadians: Students can no longer go back to their classrooms, people have lost their jobs and the government imposed social distancing rules. The 2019 Novel Coronavirus has also hurt many communities. One of those affected communities is Montreal. Once a beautiful city filled with people, now became Vanier’s N building (i.e. no wants to go there) due to its high numbers of coronavirus cases. The streets are now empty as everyone is staying home to protect themselves. Well, I should specify that everyone who has a home is able to protect themselves. Hence, the homeless are not able to adequately protect themselves against the aforementioned coronavirus. 


A friend of mine realized that the homeless needed our immediate help. Thus, in a generous gesture, he donated to a local Montreal charity that takes care of the homeless. That one gesture made me want to also help members of our community which is why I launched a GoFundMe Campaign to raise money for a local charity called “Mile End Community Mission”.


The Mission provides structure, purpose and meaning for its chronically poor, socially excluded and disadvantaged members. The Mile End Community Mission is a community hub that allows members to connect and support one another. Receiving only a small amount of funding from government assistance, the Mission relies heavily on public donations and fundraising events to continue offering these crucial services.


As we all know, we live in unprecedented times. No one expected that the world was going to hit pause on the socio-economic and political system.   Hence, our communities need us more than ever! This is the goal of the campaign: Helping people from our community who are less fortunate. Click the link down below to donate!


I hope that my gesture will positively influence other members of the Montreal Community into helping each other. 


Finally, I want you to remember that your next gesture has the potential of making Montreal a better place.


Link for the fundraiser:


By Khaled Hassoun

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