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2020: New Milestones for Black Women in Politics – Update Features 

2020: New Milestones for Black Women in Politics – Update

In the last article, we covered the new political first achieved by Black women in politics. Dominique Anglade became the first woman of colour to lead a political party in Quebec. Leslyn Lewis became the first woman of colour to run in the Conservative Party. Kamala Harris became the first African-American and Asian-American vice-presidential nominee of a major U.S. presidential party. Not long after the article was published, another glass ceiling was shattered in the Green Party’s leadership election. On October 03, 2020, Toronto lawyer and activist Annamie Paul became…

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Boys* in Skirts: A New Form of Activism? News 

Boys* in Skirts: A New Form of Activism?

Recently, high school boys* across Quebec have been presenting themselves to school wearing short skirts and nail polish with the intent of generating discussion on not only the traditionally gendered school uniforms but also on the hyper-sexualization of girls* and women*.   This movement may seem new to North America, but it is not new to the world.  In fact, a similar movement has existed in France since 2006 and was popularized by the 2008 movie La Journée de la jupe.  Its original goal was to destigmatize women wearing skirts,…

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The Technological Era Voices 

The Technological Era

In the last couple of months, our world turned upside down. Not only pandemic speaking, but also as a society; social equality revendications are at their high all around the globe. Another major event is also occurring right now, yet it looks like nobody is giving it enough attention. Before this drastic year, cyberspace was gaining territory in our lives. Today, in September 2020, it has taken a whole new turn. Quarantine has brought a totally new dimension of cyberspace. Technology is everywhere: online classes; remote working; doing video conferences…

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Intersections on Climate Justice Road News 

Intersections on Climate Justice Road

Despite rising COVID-19 cases, there’s no hiding the fact that greenhouse gas emission, sea levels, and global temperatures continue to rise as well. Therefore, there was no stopping Montreal youth from participating in the Global Youth Climate Strike on September 26.  As per the request of the organizers, participants gathered at Place du Canada by 1pm, having donned their masks and made their picket signs; a particularly poignant one read “Ça va bien brûler,” a take on the phrase made popular during stay-at-home mandates amid the pandemic: “Ça va bien…

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Immigration Nation Voices 

Immigration Nation

Netflix’s newest docuseries, Immigration Nation, gives a behind the scenes look into the secretive world of the Immigrations and Customs Enforcement Agency, most commonly known as the ICE. As Canadians, we are used to American-centric news and media.    You may be thinking, “What does this have to with me, a Canadian?” To which I respond, it may not affect you personally, but being silent and uninformed about this subject is complicity.    Despite being difficult to sit through, this docuseries is a necessary watch to anyone who even fathoms…

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Dead to Me, a Feminist Masterpiece Voices 

Dead to Me, a Feminist Masterpiece

“What kind of feminist am I?  I can’t picture a woman driving a car!” Normalize women casually calling themselves feminists in TV shows!   One of the issues with this line, spoken by Jen, one of the main characters, might be how this could encourage viewers to think “Oh she’s a feminist, no wonder she’s crazy”. (I wrote that in the voice of a certain anti-feminist Sagittarius I know, or knew rather).     This article will actually disprove that claim.   For starters, no one in the show attributes the…

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Those Who Do Nothing Voices 

Those Who Do Nothing

Poster promoting a conversational forum by Gonzalo Arango in the early 1950s. The poster says “Colombian poetry is dead: The Nadaism”   Waking up to another day of a pandemic means more time disappearing to everyday actions and new endeavours, all to avoid losing one’s mind in the midst of the chaos that the world seems to have fallen into.    In some countries, the pandemic has started to show its damage. In others, the pandemic has become an outbreak of hate and disdain. We are burning, and, in some…

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Dueles, Colombia Voices 

Dueles, Colombia

I ask my dad what he thinks about the growing unrest back in our country, Colombia. “It is a chronicle of a death foretold,” he answers. He’s right.    Following massacres of social leaders, on September 9th, Colombian police slaughtered Javier Ordoñez, a 43-year-old lawyer, and the evidence of the killing went viral on social media, sparking student-led protests against the systemic violence the police and the state consistently impose on Colombian citizens.   These protests were held in the country’s capital, Bogota.    I would say that the country…

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The Problematic History of John A. MacDonald Features 

The Problematic History of John A. MacDonald

On September 29th, 2020, the John A. MacDonald statue at Place du Canada was toppled and beheaded by protestors during a protest calling for the police to be defunded.    Banners flew next to the decapitated monument, touting all his not-so-savoury exploits. This move was divisive as some have long heralded for the removal of the statue, whereas others, such as François Legault, disagreed with the move.    This discussion is not a new one either, as many opinions about the controversial figure have been shared within the past few…

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Don’t Scroll Past Voices 

Don’t Scroll Past

You there. Yes, you. The one reading this. Don’t scroll past. Don’t tell me you’re busy. You clearly aren’t. How do I know? Well, you’re scrolling through stories on Instagram. You can’t possibly be that busy. Anyway, just hear me out.   This man, George Floyd. Yes, the one who was murdered by police. Yes, the one accused of forgery.   What’s that? You’ve been active in the fight against racism? Have you now? I’m so proud of you. I’m glad you’ve found the time in your perpetually busy schedule…

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