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Clubs Day Campus 

Clubs Day

The tables in the cafeteria were put aside for the space used by the club tables. There was a lot of student chatter on the 19th of September because it was Clubs Day! The Anime, Chess, Drama, and many other clubs were there. The Christian Club gave out candy and sweet bread. All the clubs were there to promote and obtain members using a sheet that typically had the student’s name and the student’s number. The newspaper and other clubs got many signatures on their lists. It looks like the…

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A Historic Election Night For Québec News 

A Historic Election Night For Québec

It was a historic election night as the newest party on Québec’s political scene, the Coalition Avenir Québec (CAQ), won a majority government, ending more than 40 years of two-party rule, while the historically two major parties, Québec Liberal Party (QLP) and the Parti Québécois (PQ), suffered the worst results in their histories. The CAQ garnered 38% of the vote and won 74 seats in the 125-seat National Assembly of Québec. The outgoing governing Liberal Party, came a distant second, winning 32 seats and taking 25% of the vote, their…

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The Henry Lehmann Gallery’s First Exhibition of The Semester Campus 

The Henry Lehmann Gallery’s First Exhibition of The Semester

Almost a decade ago, the Henry Lehmann Gallery was conceptualized and soon after came to fruition as Vanier’s very own art gallery, that prominently displays student works of all mediums. The first exhibition of this semester showcases the winners of the Peter Gonda Memorial scholarship for photography and the Vanier Art Acquisition scholarship. The Peter Gonda Memorial scholarship was created in memory of Peter Gonda who was a Montreal-based artist, novelist and screenwriter, who’s main passion was photography. He was notably interested in street photography and portraiture. He passed away…

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