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Second Time’s the Charm: Still Harping on This Year’s Halloween(s) News 

Second Time’s the Charm: Still Harping on This Year’s Halloween(s)

October 1st marks the first day of “spooky season,” where children begin to fantasize about their potential Halloween costumes, as well as pillowcases full of candy. Meanwhile, we young adults get in the spirit through party planning, ridiculously last-minute costumes, and memes (surely you’ve seen the Dwights adorning the entrance to our office).


However, this year, Montreal’s mayor, Valérie Plante, announced that trick-or-treating is to occur on November 1st, rather than the traditional October 31st, due to severe thundershowers and heavy winds. This decision was made with the intention of keeping children safe and ensuring that the evening remained enjoyable.


Still, this “Halloweengate” sparked ridicule on social media from all the ex Supermans and ex princesses, who respectively wore a red windbreaker instead of a cape and a tiara over a hat when trick-or-treating; man, we were so hardcore back in the day.


More than anything, this unlikely turn of events incited confusion, as candy distributers questioned whether or not their lights needed to be on for two nights in a row, and whether or not they had enough candy (if they didn’t eat it all themselves first).


A few costumed stragglers, either out of ignorance or as an act of rebellion, even chose to take to the dark rainy streets to claim the candy they’re entitled to for one day out of the year. That is, until this year of course.


This time around, trick-or-treaters had the opportunity to reap the benefits of a government sanctioned “Round 2,” while their parents worried about the looming threat of cavities.


Written by: Mel Spiridigliozzi

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