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It’s The Season of Celebrations News 

It’s The Season of Celebrations

The spring season has finally come upon us, and this means that many faiths and cultures are celebrating. Lunar New Year celebrations took place in February, which commemorated the coming of the New Year for many Asian countries.

The Iranian or Persian New Year was also celebrated recently. The ringing in of the New Year took place on March 20th, and to celebrate, observers do a deep cleaning of their homes, celebrating a season of new life, and wishing for good luck in the year ahead.

Passover took place this year between the evening of March 30th and the evening of April 7th. Passover is one of the most important holy festivals in the Jewish faith. It is the holiday to commemorate the Jewish New Year, and it’s now year 5778 according to the Jewish calendar. Want to spread the joy of this festival? To say Happy Passover in Hebrew, say “Pesach Sameach” (PAY-sock Sah-MEY-akh)!

For Christians, Easter took place on April 1st. This is a holiday to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, and is the most important holiday for those of the Christian faith. Many in western cultures no longer celebrate Easter for its original purpose, and as a result the holiday has become known as a commercial holiday and a long weekend. Some families go to church wearing new clothes, some take trips, and chocolate is given to children by the Easter bunny.

Happy Holidays from The Insider to all of the Vanier community who have celebrated these holy days!


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