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Vsuccess Arrives on Campus Campus 

Vsuccess Arrives on Campus

There is a new initiative called Vsuccess at Vanier College. The initiative was founded by Mario Michas and Maia Fukuyama of the Vanier Student Leaders. As part of the initiative, successful, motivational and inspirational Vanier students, staff members, professors and alumni are interviewed. 

In the interviews, important pieces of advice are given; tactics on how to succeed in CEGEP and beyond are shared, as well as the offering of messages of encouragement.

 In the first interview, Ms. Cari-Lynn Clough who works tirelessly and selflessly as a Student Success Advisor, shared her tips on how to manage one’s time properly and how to navigate the academic requirements at Vanier College. 

George Monastiriakos, a law student at the University of Ottawa was interviewed. George shared his advice on how to overcome hurdles and how to develop one’s perspective, personality and interests as well as the importance of having a diverse background in learning, teaching and practicing the law. 

Mario and Maia interviewed Haritos Kavallos, the Dean of Vanier’s Faculty of Science and Technology. Dean Kavallos spoke about his experience with gaming and how it encouraged his subsequent interest in computer science. He also noted the importance of the learning commons and the role professors and Vanier Staff play in student academic and personal success. 

On a final note, Dean Kavallos promoted the Vanier Robotics Team which fuels and exploits students’ potential and interests in the sciences. The founders of the Vsuccess initiative interview individuals from a wide variety of academic and professional backgrounds. Those individuals have achieved great feats and serve as inspirational role models to aspiring Vanier students. The interviews occur every Tuesday and will begin to be posted on the Vanier Student Life and Sustainability YouTube Channel as of Tuesday, the 12th of January. 

The goal of the Vsuccess’ initiative is to motivate, inspire and encourage Vanier Students through educational empowerment by enhancing access to information on how to excel academically. The founders of Vsuccess hope that all Vanier Students can learn from the outstanding content that is shared during the interviews.


by Mario Michas


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