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Tales of Tall Birds Arts 

Tales of Tall Birds

Fly with the cranes

You lovely rootless stork

Do not be frightened by the rains,

The snowstorms and the city smoke


Where do your long legs dwell

While the antigones are gone,

Do your hearts similarly swell

When Spring guides you back home?


Did you see the people marching,

Did you hear your fellow earthlings’ cries

With your long neck, arching

Does one ever get used to good-byes?


As you reach your destination,

Will you miss the journey’s dangers?

Did it lead to liberation,

To be guided by familiar strangers?


Had they told you tales of cherry blossoms,

Of oceans, dunes and chapels

Would you have dropped your idealism

And left behind the scent of country apples?


Tell me, once you land

That in a world so grand

Even in times of trouble, the stork knows

That the cranes are not his foes.



By A.E.

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