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Humanity makes the same mistake again News 

Humanity makes the same mistake again


“The Chinese Government has since moved towards carrying out the equivalent of a Final Solution on Uyghurs,” says Dr. Erkin Sidick, referring to Nazi Germany’s policy of Jewish extermination. 


China has built nearly 380 camps in the Xinjiang region since 2017. Local authorities have reported that Uyghurs and other Muslim minorities are held in these camps in order to counter extremism and terrorism. Chinese authorities initially denied the existence of these concentration camps. However, the information has been made public, including the individual coordinates of every camp, in a database that can be accessed online: The “Xinjiang Data Project”. The camps were identified thanks to survival accounts, satellite images, as well as other projects tracking the “re-education” camps.


Beijing insists on the fact that human rights aren’t abused in these camps. Chinese authorities explain that they are made to alleviate poverty and to counter terrorist threats. Meanwhile, they aren’t allowing any journalists, diplomats or human rights organizations to access the camps.  


Another name for these camps is “Vocational Education and Training Centers;” however, the Uyghurs that are locked up rather than killed or converted, are used there as lab rats. They are maintained there for five purposes: forced labor, COVID-19 vaccine testing, organ harvesting, biological weapon testing and proof of life. The concept of forced labor makes an echo with the Nazi slogan “ Arbeit macht frei” (Work sets you free) that appeared on the entrance of Auschwitz and other concentration camps during the Holocaust.  


As proof of life, China keeps some detainees who have family living overseas alive in order to not sound international alarm bells regarding its extermination program. 


In a number of reports from Xinjiang, an Associated Press investigation found out that Uyghur women are submitted to forced sterilization, contraception and abortions based on Chinese Communist Party documents and interviews from 30 former detainees. 


Now, in China, entire schools are on lockdown for COVID-19 vaccine testing. In hospitals, the coronavirus is injected into young people between the ages of 18 and 20 years old, who are then vaccinated to see if the vaccination works. 


The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) dispersed more than one million Uyghur into different groups. One group is for organ harvesting, another for biological experimentation and others for distributed killing. 


The reality of this oppression has been masked by China for years. Chinese government officials are taking measures to hide the dead bodies – they use chemicals to decompose bodies rather than use mass graves and are destroying physical and digital evidence of the victims, even going so far as to destroy the computers on which their data is stored.


Right now, there is no such thing as an ordinary Uyghur life in the region. Uyghur’s language, culture and religion are gone. 


In 2020, the international community is now faced with the very real prospect that China is on its way to murdering 10 million Uyghur in Xinjiang – a number that would make it the largest genocide of a religious or ethnic minority since and including the Holocaust.


By Nataliya Nazarova

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