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The Hypnosis show that took place on Friday October 9th at Vanier’s own auditorium was a blast. Liam Prevost, who also performed on the Just for Laughs stage and in many different countries, put on a great act. The show began at 8 pm, and lasted until 10 pm, and all two hours of the show were filled with cringe worthy, but at the same time, extremely funny moments made possible with the help of the courageous audience members brave enough to take a seat and embrace the power of hypnosis.

While waiting for the show to start, many audience members sat there questioning the sound track being played. It started off with the Pirates of the Caribbean theme, then proceeded to the Dance of the Sugar Plumb Fairy, and then to pop songs. The audience would later understand the use of the musical varieties. Prevost then proceeded to walk onto the stage, pumped and filled with energy, welcoming the audience, and eager to get started. Originally, eight audience members volunteered to get on stage and try their hand at getting hypnotized for others’ entertainment. Swiftly into it however, Prevost noticed that some of the volunteers weren’t succumbing to the effects, so he quietly signaled them to leave the stage, as to not interrupt the act he was performing to those who were falling under the effect.

In the end, there were only three volunteers left on stage, and that was when things became interesting. He gave each one of them a different task: one would constantly run towards the love of his life, but whenever he would get close, she would disappear and reappear elsewhere in the room; the other would begin to lip sync any song that was played whenever he had the microphone in his hand; and the last would try to take over the lip synching by attempting to steal the microphone away, thus creating a funny interaction between the two volunteers. The music heard at the beginning of the show would be played depending on which of the volunteers would be asked to perform a certain action. To the boy running after his love, I Will Always Love You would play. When the volunteers were asked to dance a ballet, the Dance of the Sugar Plumb Fairies would play. To the boys lip synching and trying to lip sync, the pop songs would come on. The Pirates of the Caribbean song played only once, and it was when Prevost asked the three young men to play their favorite instrument, and then to play it quickly once the climax of the song began.

The entire show was marvelous. Even the sceptics were made believers due to Prevost’s amazing performance. Audience members laughed non-stop watching others perform silly tasks, or reacting in different ways, and watching each other. Liam Prevost put on a spectacular show and every single audience member, volunteers included, had an amazing time and wished for the show to go on longer. If ever you see his name at a show, pay to witness his performance; you won’t regret it.


Written By Michael D’Itri

Originally Published: October 2015

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