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CHEETO FOUND DEAD! Campus Entertainment News 


Police have launched an investigation after Cheeto, Vanier College’s beloved Cheetah mascot was found dead in the Vanier Sports Complex pool this morning.

Officers were called to the scene this morning after Francois Rene, Aquatics Recreational Technician, arrived on campus to perform regularly scheduled pool maintenance and called 911. 

The Police declared Cheeto dead at the scene. 

Police have yet to release any details other than to state they aren’t ruling out foul play for the moment. The Coroner’s Office will be performing an autopsy later today to determine if Cheeto was murdered. 

Cheeto, an oversized Cheetah, was Vanier’s Athletic team mascot since the 1980s when he replaced the live cheetah that used to attend home games. 

Mai Nguyen, Athletic Student Life Advisor, said in a phone interview that “Cheetah games just won’t be the same. Cheeto will be greatly missed by athletes, coaches, and fans alike.”

If you have any information, please contact the police.


By Vanier Student Life

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