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Today, I decided to listen to Linkin Park’s entire discography (ok, I lied; I only listened to their most famous albums because I was a lil short on time … and I just can’t get into some albums), and I’ve come to the conclusion that LIVING THINGS is their best album. Here’s how I’ve reached this conclusion:

  1. It is the only one that doesn’t get boring after a while.  Albums such as Meteora and Minutes to Midnight get bland a few songs in because many songs are so similar, and the auditor’s attention is lost as each song passes like a blur, leaving the album to end without us even realizing it.  By contrast, every song off of LIVING THINGS is very different and unique. Personal favourites include IN MY REMAINS, I’LL BE GONE, CASTLE OF GLASS (the official video for it is heartbreaking, but is a must-see), ROADS UNTRAVELLED, and POWERLESS.  
  2. Every song, despite being different and unique, flows perfectly into one another. Yes, there aren’t any “real” transitions in the album, but there is a definite “flowy-ness” in terms of how the album is constructed.  Sure, you may be able to say this for all, or, at least, most, of LP’s albums, but it is more evident in this one, in my opinion.
  3. Yo, just the fact that this album has the song CASTLE OF GLASS should be reason enough to make this the best LP album!  Not to mention its heartbreaking music video gives a whole new layer of meaning to the song!  The instrumentals are calming, yet distinctive, the vocals are soft, yet full of emotion, and the lyrics are original, yet were inspired by several different works.  For example, the metaphor of the castle of glass comes from Jeannette Walls’ memoir “The Glass Castle”, a metaphor for the empty promises and false hope given to her by her father.  I am only certain of this because of the music video I mentioned earlier.  It opens with “inspired by many true stories”, followed by a scene of a young boy who is told that his father died while serving in the military.  The video shows him following in his father’s footsteps, and ends with him breaking the same bad news to a young girl.  Furthermore, light pours into the one scene where Chester holds up a shard of glass, as if finally embracing the fact that he’s “only a crack in this castle of glass” (while singing this lyric), which may be an allusion to the line “There is a crack […] in everything. That’s how the light gets in” from Leonard Cohen’s “Anthem”.


In conclusion, LIVING THINGS is Linkin Park’s best album because it is the most consistently interesting and cohesive LP album, and it also features CASTLE OF GLASS, one of the most beautifully written songs in the history of modern music.


Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.


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