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Virtual Activities By Vanier Student Life Campus 

Virtual Activities By Vanier Student Life

Are you a current Vanier student who is looking to have some social interactions? Vanier Student Life has set up some fun activities that you can join in order to virtually interact with other people at Vanier. There’s Covid Club, Werewolf, Saturday Shenanigans, and a virtual cooking workshop.  


Vanier Student Life has organized a Covid Club, where you can chat and hang out with others. You can share your interests and talk about whatever topics that interest you. It’s not formal at all, so just be yourself and enjoy getting the chance  to meet others. It’s essentially a chill and fun time where you can hang out and make connections. All you have to do is join the Discord. It is open on Monday nights at 8 pm. 


Vanier Student Life has also organized a night where you can virtually play werewolf. It will be on November 25th from 7 pm to 8:15 pm. So, if you like playing werewolf, sign up using the link on Omnivox.


There will also be a Saturday Shenanigans night, where you virtually play games throughout the night and win some ridiculous prizes. Some of the games include trivia, name that tune, pricing games, etc. It will be held on November 21st at 8 pm. Join to play some games and to win some ridiculous and fun prizes! Sign up through the link in Omnivox; a zoom link will then be sent to you through MIO. 


A virtual cooking workshop will also be held on November 27th from 4 pm to 6 pm. In the workshop, you will make a Greek-inspired dish, and there will be a vegetarian/vegan options. You will also be making some homemade granola. A list of kitchen supplies and ingredients will be sent to you when you sign-up through the link on Omnivox.  


Ultimately, Vanier Student Life is bringing us an opportunity to remain engaged by chatting with people on Discord, playing Werewolf, and joining Saturday Shenanigans for some fun games and prizes, all while being safe. 


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