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Honour’s Soccer: Settling the Score Campus 

Honour’s Soccer: Settling the Score

Honours programs bring competitiveness to a whole new level – not only in the classroom.

Being in an honours section of any given program raises the bar academically; student’s tend to have a stronger grasp on the basic knowledge of their field, allowing for more in-depth study throughout the short period of one semester. Material is covered in class at a quicker pace than in the other sections of the same course. There is a bit more competition between peers, but these competitors generally turn out to be good study partners, and great friends. In honours classes, learning happens outside of the classroom on many occasions, broadening student’s interests and enriching their college experience.

Friendly rivalries are formed between programs in any school, and are normally heightened in the honours sections. Here at Vanier, these rivalries are settled outside of either side’s usual area of study, and out on the college’s new field, in an annual Honours Liberal Arts versus Honours Science soccer game.

This year, Honours Science sprung back from an embarrassing loss in 2014, winning 4-3 though they were outnumbered. Science being the white team, two players sported their lab coats during the game (to be fair, they were doing field work…). Honours Liberal Arts put up a good fight, responding to each opposing goal with a goal of their own for a good part of the match. Strengths were fairly even between teams this semester, making it an entertaining game to watch.

Written By: Katherine Willcocks

Originally Published: October 2015

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