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Don’t Forget Your S.T.A.R. Hours! Campus 

Don’t Forget Your S.T.A.R. Hours!

On Omnivox, you can officially download the S.T.A.R. hours request application! For those who don’t know, the S.T.A.R. program recognizes a minimum of 60 hours of volunteer work and participation on and off-campus and will be recognized on your transcript. 

Any volunteer work or club participation on campus can be used for S.T.A.R. hours, whether volunteering for the open house, aiding in V.C.S.A. events, or even writing for the Insider!

It’s important to note that you can receive S.T.A.R. hours only if:

  • You are a full-time student 
  • Not on academic probation 
  • Did not receive financial compensation or academic credit 
  • Have a supervisor confirm your hours

The deadline is December 17 at midnight. Check Omnivox or send a MIO to Kristen Whitelaw or see her in her office in B-205E for more information!

By Isabella Del Grosso 


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