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Côte-Nord: Nature, Beyond Measure Campus 

Côte-Nord: Nature, Beyond Measure

Living in the city, most of us don’t get to explore the beauty of real nature. We are surrounded by large buildings, concrete roads and the synthetic human-constructed world. Have you ever wanted to see real nature, green landscape, beautiful wildlife, and breathless natural sceneries?  Vanier students now have a unique opportunity to discover one of the most up north communities in Québec: the region of Côte-Nord.

Next semester, students can take part in a trip to the region as a part of one of their complementary courses. It’s an intersession course that will begin after the Winter 2019 semester. Students will embark on a 12-day journey from May 25th, 2019 to June 5th, 2019. They’ll be able to visit several cities, villages, and small indigenous communities along the northern cost of the Saint-Laurence Golf. The trip will comprise of plenty outdoor excursions and indoor activities and visits to historical establishments. Finally, the road trip will come to a halt when they reach the end of highway 138, from which point they’ll embark on a voyager ship called the Bella Desgagnés to visit the final length of the coast to the Labrador boarder. They’ll be staying on the ship for a couple of days as it visits a bunch of small communities and have the unique opportunity to see first-hand one of the most remote communities in Québec.

The trip is being organised by Vanier College French Teacher Catherine Duranleau. When asked why she organized this course, she said “this course is most relevant in order to promote, amongst students, a better understanding of Québec and the issues that define it. This course will make our young people aware of the realities of Québec, the Côte-Nord and indigenous peoples and debunk the myths and prejudices that persist relative to regions and indigenous cultures. During the stay on the Côte-Nord, students will discover a welcoming people, proud to share their culture and sincerely happy to see that young Quebeckers of all origins are really interested in them. Because they chose this course, not because they were forced to follow it. This type of exchange is fundamental to build a society built on solidarity and unity, to decentralize one’s gaze and to enrich one’s vision of the world by feeding on that of others”.

Students will have to fundraise next semester in order raise funds to cover a part of their trip. Several subsidies have been given by many groups, including an important one by Entente Canada Québec, in order to make the trip financially accessible to most students. After fundraising, the trip will come to about 600$ per student, of which the first 300$ needs to be given by November 16th (special arrangements can be made).  This price includes everything such as lodging, transport, and food for the entire length of the journey. Students are required to have an intermediate level of French, be in good shape for the numerous outdoors excursions and most of all, have a sense of adventure!

This trip was also done back in 2014, and you can get a sense of what it was about at Students wishing to take part in this course can contact Catherine Duranleau via MIO to get more information. An important note, this trip is also open to students who have already done their complementary courses, but it won’t be credited. Vanier students have a once in life time chance to visit a whole new world. It is at a reasonable cost for a journey of amazing discoveries and immense pleasure, and life lasting memories.


Written by: Mohammad-Afaaq Mansoor

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