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What’s Happening with Farmers in India? News 

What’s Happening with Farmers in India?

Three bills on agriculture market reforms, which would change the way agricultural produce is marketed, sold and stored across India, were introduced by the ruling party of the county, for which the provincial government of Punjab was not in favour, as it is one of the most agriculturally based states of the county. As a result, the leader of the provincial government resigned from the post for being against the introduced law.   In the Lok Sabha, the voice of opposition was not considered, and the three bills were passed through…

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Fighting Terrorism With Terrorism: The Macron Way News 

Fighting Terrorism With Terrorism: The Macron Way

As the media has been turned towards the USA for so long; calling out their institutional racism, mocking Donald Trump during his entire 4 years in office, then reporting live updates during the incredibly tense 2020 elections, Canada and the USA seem to have forgotten about the issues present across the ocean, and no, I’m not talking about China and Russia, as we do hear a lot of anti-Russia and anti-China propaganda.  I’m talking about France.   On October 16th, Northern Parisian schoolteacher Samuel Paty was beheaded by a suspected…

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2020 New Brunswick Elections: A New Linguistic Divide Features 

2020 New Brunswick Elections: A New Linguistic Divide

The 2020 New Brunswick provincial election results, where the Liberals won most of the francophone northeast and the Progressive Conservative won most of the anglophone southwest. On September 14, 2020, the first general election held during the pandemic took place in New Brunswick. Blaine Higgs’ Progressive Conservative government tried to seek a second term to strengthen its fragile minority government. While his bet paid off, the results created a significant linguistic divide in the only officially bilingual province.   Context Two years ago, New Brunswickers were sent to polls to…

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Secularism is out the window News 

Secularism is out the window

The Quebec government has recently announced that the lockdown restrictions, which have been in place since roughly October and have only been getting stricter, will temporarily be lifted from December 24th to December 27th, as gatherings up to 10 people will be allowed*.    It is no coincidence that Christmas Day just happens to be on December 25th (“Noël, cette année, ça tombe le 25 Décembre,” as Legault so eloquently put it), and Christmas Eve, which French Canadians, in particular, are known to celebrate, the 24th.  Hanukkah, this year, begins…

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How to Find your Way Home During the Holidays Voices 

How to Find your Way Home During the Holidays

With the winter break approaching rapidly, we are unable to escape the looming arrival of the holiday season. For some, such festivities are enticing, promising warmth and a sense of belonging as a light in the harsh and cold Canadian winter. The scent of pine wafting through hallways bathed under golden lights, the hurried anticipation of a thousand overheating bodies under down jackets crammed together in line before Christmas Eve. The energy of the season is truly incomparable to that of any other, a common feeling of ease runs through…

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Vanier student Karim Mane is going to the NBA.  Campus 

Vanier student Karim Mane is going to the NBA. 

  Vanier Cheetahs guard Karim Mane has made history by signing with the NBA’s Orlando Magic.    Mane becomes the first player ever to join the league directly from CEGEP, having attended Vanier College from 2017 to 2020, turning down interest from a number of NCAA Division I universities. The 20-year-old made the announcement two days after he went undrafted in Wednesday’s 2020 NBA Draft.  Blake Murphy posted on Twitter that Mane’s deal in Orlando is a two-way contract. Mane said on Twitter that he’s “excited and humbled” to join…

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De-Stressing and Holiday Activites With Vanier Student Life Campus 

De-Stressing and Holiday Activites With Vanier Student Life

    Once again, Vanier Student Life has some fun and de-stressing activities for you. If you like animals and need to find ways to de-stress, then the virtual animal therapy event will be just for you. Vanier Student Life has also organized multiple Netflix Watch Parties with the theme of holiday movies.       Vanier Student Life has organized a virtual animal therapy event. This virtual event will help you de-stress, and, also, you will get to meet really cute animals.  It will be held on December 9th during UB, which is from…

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A Train Story Arts 

A Train Story

It was dense. Dark mist rested on our heads with a soft delicacy while we were invaded by the overwhelming silence. Sitting there, unable to see beyond the cracking sound of rusted rails, my partner and I were waiting for the train that would take us to our final destination (or so I thought). Between the silence and the cold night’s atmosphere, our only source of sanity was a silent, meaningful (or insignificant?) conversation that was sustained with the passing of a bottle of wine, an exchange of lived experiences…

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More than just an illusion. Arts 

More than just an illusion.

Part 1.   Some of you will probably think that this story is complete nonsense, while others will find that it is something inspiring – there is no accounting for taste. In any case, I hope that those who will read the four parts of the story will understand the hidden message of the events that I will describe… I wish you all a pleasant reading.    Iris was going down the stairs of a music store; she liked just to come there and watch the pianos. The girl knew…

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