Nostalgia Arts 


We sported messy hair and scuffed knees From learning to do cartwheels at recess, Where grubby hands exchanged playing cards And wide eyes squinted When they looked at the sun. Remember how we used to play With those dolls? How we found their pouty red lips, And rosy cheeks so pretty? As I make eye contact with you Through the bathroom mirror, Your lashes are caked with mascara And black kohl liner, I notice a colouring book blankness To your cheeks. So, I lend you my blush in exchange For…

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Naturally Driven Arts 

Naturally Driven

I feel at ease, When I hear you sing, With the refreshing feel that you always bring.   Your seldom cool touch, That I love so much, That brings life to my very skin.   Your petty coat is not of gold But it’s crystal clear, That is better than a drop of tear That we ourselves may over stare.   You shaped our lives There before we arrived, In our midst you always seem to exist.   When you walk, you whisper a lot, for being seen It is…

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The love behind all of my poetry Arts 

The love behind all of my poetry

If I wanted to write something important, I would write about my grandmother, About how she is more mountain than woman, and how the “I love you” that lingers in the back of my throat belongs to her. Her voice is the only melody I will never grow tired of hearing; she sounds like a choir in the heart of a church. I turn her chest into a home, wrap my skin around her bones. I memorize the rhythm of her ribcage constantly collapsing with her lungs like waves crashing…

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A Man Out Of Time Features 

A Man Out Of Time

When we hear about a new emerging artist, we rarely think of someone as young and modest as David Marino. In a world where we have modern music, comes a young man out of time.  David’s style of music is like none other; he sings jazz and might become the next big artist to put Montreal on the map. Montreal crooner David Marino was just eighteen years old when he found himself in the finals of TVA’s popular vocal competition show in Quebec La Voix. As an anglophone he was…

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Chez Doris and Homelessness In Montreal Features 

Chez Doris and Homelessness In Montreal

Chez Doris is a woman’s day center in Montreal. It has been in operation for almost 40 years. Doris, the center’s namesake, was living on the streets in the 1970’s, and at this time the resources for homeless women were non-existent.  She did have a caseworker, and Doris told her one day that she wished to have a safe place to go with no questions asked. Doris was raped and found murdered a couple of days later. In 1977, her caseworker started Chez Doris in Doris’ memory, with the policy…

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Venezuela and North America: New Paths Towards Destruction News 

Venezuela and North America: New Paths Towards Destruction

Some time ago, in an address to the UN General Assembly, Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez warned of the “destructive capacity” of rising oil usage. The “unstoppable” use of this resource meant hotter temperatures and harsher natural disasters. Chavez was the leader of a country sitting on the world’s greatest oil-reserves, larger than Saudi Arabia’s, larger than Iran’s. This was 2005. Now, in 2019, oil production may soon be rising in Venezuela, despite old hopes for ecological alternatives. It’s been a matter of weeks since Juan Guaido, the head of Venezuela’s…

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Saving the Bees: What’s All the Buzz About? Features 

Saving the Bees: What’s All the Buzz About?

A common childhood fear is that of bees, and, like most things stemming from youth, said fear often follows into adult life. Therefore, the recently popularized phrase, “save the bees”, may spur up confusion with many asking why it is so important to protect such seemingly menacing creatures. However, we do not give bees credit for all of the work that they do in everyday life. Bees are known to be the world’s most efficient and effective pollinators. While travelling from plant to plant in search of nectar, they carry…

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No Pipelines, but no Progress Either News 

No Pipelines, but no Progress Either

Quebec is falling behind on its desired targets for reducing CO2 emissions, a recent article in Le Devoir highlights. Despite some $2 billion in funding, the ministry of sustainable government has only been able to bring down emissions to 98% of what it was 5 years ago. That is to say, there has been a 2% reduction. This 2% represents roughly 1.8 million tons of CO2. The Port-Daniel cement manufacturing plant in Gaspésie emits this many tons alone. The Legault administration has already admitted that by 2020 we will not…

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