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#Justice For Zainab News 

#Justice For Zainab

On Tuesday, January 9, 2018, news had broken out about the rape and murder of an 8-year-old Pakistani girl. Zainab Ansari’s brutal and inhuman murder fueled the spark to a worldwide revolution, the people erupting in protests and demanding for justice to be served not just to Zainab’s family but to the 12 other cases of child rape in the city of Kasur which remain to be solved.

Young Zainab’s parents had left the country in order to perform Islamic pilgrimage, leaving her under the protection of relatives and family. Zainab was on her way to her Quran classes when a man kidnapped her, raped her multiple times and threw her into the dumpster after strangling her to death. The family reported that the girl had been missing for several days and many efforts were made to find her when finally her body was recovered lifeless in the midst of waste and litter.

Celebrities and people around the country have condemned the government for lack of efforts to arrest criminals. Family members declared that the police officers “did nothing” and only ate and left. Street protesters are demanding for the Punjab chief minister, Shahbaz Sharif to step down from his role and are demanding for the local government be replaced with a new order, saying “they have no right to remain in power after the killing of Zainab Ansari”. Police officers opened fire on protestors, killing 2 people.


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