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The ferret is as curious as a cat and as playful as a puppy. The ferrets always look for adventures and are a social breed; usually, you’ll always see two ferrets together. Getting a ferret means you’re getting your own personal clown. If you want a ferret, make sure you don’t live in a place where they are banned; in certain places, it’s illegal to have ferrets. If you have a strong and sensitive nose, make sure you’re alright with the ferret’s distinct order.

Ferrets have such a flexible spine they feel like a slinky, because of this it’s better to hold the ferret to support both its front and back legs. If worse comes to worse, the scruff of their neck is also a safe way to hold them. Due to this flexible spine, ferrets can get through tight spaces in your house and can also escape their cages, always keep a watchful eye on your ferret.

Ferrets can bite, so make sure to train your ferret as soon as you get it, so it won’t bite people. Different people have different ways of training their ferret to not nip and bite: one suggestion is to give it a small flick on the nose and saying the word “no” every time it nips someone.

Ferrets have a lifespan of between 6-10 years but always make sure your vet is up to date with them since they are prone to cancer.
Be sure to clip your ferret’s nails and to brush their teeth since they can also get some plaque if not taken care of properly.
Ferrets make great pets, but you should be aware of small children in the family since ferrets have teeth, it wouldn’t be ideal to have your ferret alone with a child.

Always do your research before buying your pet; each pet is different.

Written By: Andrianna Kapralios

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