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Boston Terrier Features 

Boston Terrier

The Boston terrier is a purebred American dog. Boston terriers are very silly dogs that love to get attention; they are very intelligent and the breed is popular in America due to its friendly nature, getting along very well with children and adults of the family.

A Boston terrier is a mix of the English bulldog and the white English terrier. This dog was initially bred for fights, similarly to the pit bull, but now is a companion dog.

These dogs have incredibly expressive faces, sometimes appearing to smile. Boston terriers are often called the ‘American gentlemen’ due to their stunning black and white coats, which appear tuxedo-like. These dogs have a short muzzle, and as a result, they often grunt and snore.

Boston terriers tend to overheat, so pushing them too much isn’t recommended. They can however, live anywhere (apartments or houses).

They live a long life, but due to their snorting, they can suffer from respiratory issues; so be aware.

A Boston terrier’s short coat will require minimal grooming; a brush every week should do the trick. The Boston terrier is also very easy to train since they love the attention they get from it.

Always research before getting the dog you want in your life. It’s a full time commitment.


Written By: Andrianna Kapralios

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