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Humanities Symposium – How Music Mastering Relates To Humanism Voices 

Humanities Symposium – How Music Mastering Relates To Humanism

Humanism is a school of thought that emerged during the European Renaissance. Intellectuals of that time placed huge importance on the genius of the human mind and the beauty and dignity of the human body. Humanists also looked to the past to gain ancient Greek and Roman society’s knowledge and values. The study of humanities as it is known today has its roots in classical humanism and is still taught and studied worldwide to this day. The theme of the 2018 Humanities Symposium held at Vanier College this year was…

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Registration Issues Voices 

Registration Issues

Every new semester, there are always students who experience issues with course registration. This one was no different. There were students having problems with the online web app who lost their chosen courses due to sudden server crashes. The same students were then unable to reach helplines because they had to dial multiple times instead of being put on hold. This led them to have to pay late registration fees. Some other fellows were unable to find courses that fit their schedules, so they had to take night classes. Another…

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The Invisible Child Arts Voices 

The Invisible Child

It was a windy day and Brian’s family had decided to go to the shore next to the sea. They had settled down on a pier and were looking around when Paulina Mama said: “I’m so bored, nothing has happened in the past few weeks”. Papa Alex looked thoughtfully for a moment then brightened up as an idea hit him. He turned to Brian, who was sitting to his right and said:   “I’m going to push Paulina Mama into the sea”.   “What?!”, exclaimed Brain. He glanced over to…

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The Silver Cell Voices 

The Silver Cell

You’re my silver cell: you keep me waiting and at the end of the day you never come. You never know once I come undone. You’re my silver cell: I play nice just for you but that’s not the real me. You’re my silver cell: part of my molecule system, you are contagious at the wrong time. You’re my silver cell: There’s only one but all other cellular molecules are influenced by you. You’re my silver cell: I say I’m fine but I am dyeing inside because all my molecules…

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Love Transcends Logic Voices 

Love Transcends Logic

Let me tell you what I wanted to write down: love transcends logic. There, I wrote it. Ever since I started reading “The Brothers Karamazov” I’ve had that idea stuck in my head. Just like flashes of unnecessary conscious awareness (when you suddenly become aware of the manner of your gait for no reason whatsoever, for example), it would swing into my thought process unexpectedly, at random intervals of time, really inconsistently if I might add. Sometimes I would go weeks without thinking about it, and other times, for days…

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Vanier Insider Election Documents – New Editor in Chief needed for Winter 2018 Campus News Voices 

Vanier Insider Election Documents – New Editor in Chief needed for Winter 2018

Good day, one and all. I hope you all had a wonderful fall. I, Editor-in-Chief BeN, am graduating. This is my final semester, and as it draws to a close, I need to start thinking about who will take the torch and light the way for the Insider next semester. Anyone interested in becoming the next Editor-in-Chief should contact me via Mio (Benjamyn Upshaw-Ruffner) or come by our office (D-168). There is a form that one must fill out in order to become The Editor-in-Chief, and the elections will be…

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Imbalance Arts Voices 


Humanity has done a lot of stuff. A lot of advancement, a lot of new technologies, but these developments have side effects. We took from our surroundings to make tools that enhance our senses. However, along the way, we became disconnected with nature. We refined methods of production so that everybody has the world at their fingertips, but we didn’t realize that the path we were following had consequences. We are an extension of nature, and to think that we are something that can conquer it has some pretty drastic…

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Did You See All of The Butterflies? Voices 

Did You See All of The Butterflies?

For the past few years, butterflies like the monarch have been sparse up north here in Canada due to their decline in population over the years. Although the butterflies look very similar to monarchs, they are not the same species. The butterflies you’ve been seeing all over the Montreal area lately are actually called painted ladies. Painted ladies are different from the monarchs in their appearance, with the monarch having orange under its wings, and the Painted ladies having a brown camouflage pattern to blend in with the ground. Also,…

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