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A Call To Action Features 

A Call To Action

We still continue to treat our home without a care. We seem to forget that without it, we do not exist. We live in a time where technological advancement and artificial intelligence[1] headline the news. We’ve become so far removed from our roots, so obsessed with ourselves, that the mass extinction[2], oil spillages [3]and rising sea levels[4] are just things that we can brush aside and hide under the carpet. We can not stand for this. Too many times do people say, “my actions won’t change anything.” This puts into…

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E-Books vs Paper Books Features 

E-Books vs Paper Books

Remember those days when the weather was muggy, it was cold and raining, and all you wanted to do was make a cup of hot chocolate and curl up with your favourite book on the couch? Welcome to the future. This can slowly turn into curling up with your little e-reader that, despite all efforts made by marketers, will not compare to the feeling you get when you hold an actual book. The world is recognizing the benefits of e-Books and is trying to incorporate them into consumer’s daily lives,…

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Michelangelo Features 


Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni was one of the most revolutionary artists of the Renaissance period which spanned across the 12th century to the 15th century. He was born on March 6, 1475, in Caprese Michelangelo, Italy. His family was of royalty but they were not very influential and hold much power. It’s unusual that Michelangelo was from an upper class because an artist was usually considered of the poor class. However, Michelangelo was a voluntary member of the profession which made him part of the working class, which made…

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The Success Story of Kevin O’Leary Features 

The Success Story of Kevin O’Leary

Kevin O’Leary, or often known as “Mr. Wonderful,” is a venture capitalist on the television shows Dragons’ Den and Shark Tank, and he co-founded the company O’Leary Funds and the software company SoftKey. Starting from a young age, he was always learning about sales and the art of business from his family. At six years old, it was discovered that he had dyslexia. After seeking help from specialists, O’Leary says he learned how to focus more on his strengths. However, he also figured out at the age of fifteen, while…

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Philosophy of an Ethical History Features 

Philosophy of an Ethical History

History will have to be justified. We cannot go on teaching the same humdrum, plain-vanilla, without an explanation, or justification. We will need to know if history can ever do good, and by what criteria we are to judge its success. There are some things we know that history cannot exist in the sake of. Yet it is “in the sake of” them anyway. It should not be our source of pride or solidarity. The nature of these two powers is to eliminate reflection. “Solidarity” only entails groupthink, and “pride”…

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Guilt Features 


It’s that article. Guilt; A five-letter word that in one moment or another makes us feel bad. According to The Collins Dictionary, there are two types of guilt, when there are in fact five. According to Psychology Today, there is guilt for something you did, for something you didn’t do but want to, something you think you did, not doing enough to help someone and for doing better than someone else. All of these points are forms of guilt. More tips on how to handle these types of guilt are…

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A Tidbit of Anthropology Features 

A Tidbit of Anthropology

When heard, some people think of archaeologists excavating the soil surrounding the pyramids of Egypt. But this is a limited point of view. Anthropology studies people from all times and places while keeping themselves culturally modest. The branch of social science is concerned with being as unbiased as possible. Since Ethnocentricity almost always bears bias, cultural modesty is crucial in getting a holistic view, a view that takes into account all aspects of the cultures studied. Anthropology also looks to humanize other human beings such as drug dealers, terrorists, hacktivists…

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A Humanitarian Trip To Peru Features 

A Humanitarian Trip To Peru

Taking part in a humanitarian trip can be a life-changing experience. Jeremy Levett, a full-time Vanier student in health science, now in his final semester, took part in one such trip to Peru over the winter break. This trip was organized by Dawson Medlife, and Jeremy was sponsored by the VCSA on this trip. Medlife is a foundation that was created to support low-income families in developing countries, and provide them access to important resources such as food, water, and shelter. College students were invited to take part in this…

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RIP Stephen Hawking Features 

RIP Stephen Hawking

Sadly during the morning of March 14th, 2018, the life of well-known, influential, and exceptional Stephen Hawking came to an end. The theoretical physicist, cosmologist, researcher, mathematician, author, and hero, passed peacefully at his home on Cambridge at the age of 76. This was not without first living a life full of extraordinary achievements and becoming an idol and icon to many. Stephen Hawking created and shared theories about black holes; helping discover four laws of black-hole mechanics, offered tons of research in cosmology, and published an all-time best-selling book…

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Book Review: “Learning to Peer Tutor – Answers to 25 Questions Novice Tutors Ask” Features 

Book Review: “Learning to Peer Tutor – Answers to 25 Questions Novice Tutors Ask”

Many say that to truly understand a subject, one must try to explain the concepts to a friend or colleague. Speaking from experience, tutoring can be as challenging as it is rewarding. “Learning to Peer Tutor – Answers to 25 Questions Novice Tutors Ask”, written by our one and only Joshua Berman, is a well flowing and quick, yet very rich read about everything to know for someone diving into tutoring. I would even dare to describe this book as the ultimate “Tutoring for Dummies” guide, which offers clear and…

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