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2nd Annual Sustainability Conference Features 

2nd Annual Sustainability Conference

Sustainability is a field of study that involves looking into how natural systems function, and finding a balance between societal, environmental and economic factors in order to preserve the environment for future generations.   On November 11th, students from Cegeps in the Montreal area came together to talk about sustainability, its importance, and the challenges involved in achieving and maintaining it. Held in Concordia University’s John Molson building, attendees took part in a full day of activities, guest speakers, and conversations with peers. The day started at 10:00 am, when…

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How to get 6000 students hyped: Fire Drill Features 

How to get 6000 students hyped: Fire Drill

I was in the Peer Tutoring Center talking about cultures when it happened. A piercing screech nearly busted my eardrums. It was a fire! I managed to freeze out of my seat and grab my papers to get out of school. I walked across the room, crossed the library reception, passed the bunch of people and waited for the student hoard to go down the staircase. I walked down the stair case to the first floor and made my way across the cafeteria and exited the building. I continued across…

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The Ferret Features 

The Ferret

The ferret is as curious as a cat and as playful as a puppy. The ferrets always look for adventures and are a social breed; usually, you’ll always see two ferrets together. Getting a ferret means you’re getting your own personal clown. If you want a ferret, make sure you don’t live in a place where they are banned; in certain places, it’s illegal to have ferrets. If you have a strong and sensitive nose, make sure you’re alright with the ferret’s distinct order. Ferrets have such a flexible spine…

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Wintergatan – Marble Machine Features 

Wintergatan – Marble Machine

“Marble Machine” is a viral video featuring a musical instrument made by Martin Molin over the course of a year. Each wooden piece of the machine was/is? handcrafted. This video has nearly doubled its views since January 2017. The views at the time of writing are approximately sixty million views. He did have some technical difficulties. He had made the machine bigger than the width of his door frame. Likewise, he had so many other mechanical problems occurring with the machine. Therefore, there was always something wrong happening when he played it. In spite of all this, he and his band continue to pursue greater objectives for the future. Currently, Martin hosts a video series…

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Bearded Dragon Features 

Bearded Dragon

Have you always wanted a dragon? Look no further than the bearded dragon, one of the closest approximations to the mythical monsters of lore. These reptiles originated from Australia, where they climbed fence posts and had a large territory to themselves. Males have multiple females in their territory that they breed with, and females can lay upwards of 20 eggs per litter.  The bearded dragon gets its name from its beard; when they feel threatened, their beard turns black and puffs out.    A tamed bearded dragon can eat a variety…

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What Are Tarot Cards? Features 

What Are Tarot Cards?

Origins There is no one origin story for Tarot cards, and their true origins are unknown. The cards borrow designs, symbolism and wisdom from many sources, including alchemy, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Rome and Chinese mythology. The most common modern deck is called the Waite pack, named after Arthur Edward Waite who in 1891 commissioned artist Pamela Coleman-Smith to draw the pack for him. This version of the Tarot deck was the first to include images and meanings for the Minor Arcana. It wasn’t until the 1960’s that Tarot’s popularity soared…

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Behind The Meme: Spooky Scary Skeletons Features 

Behind The Meme: Spooky Scary Skeletons

Spooky Scary Skeletons is originally a song written and performed by Andrew Gold, intended to be a Halloween song for children. The song was released on August 20th 1996, on Gold’s Halloween themed album titled Halloween Howls. The emergence of Spooky Scary Skeletons as a meme is credited to YouTuber JimmyWilson01, when he put Gold’s song over a Disney short animation called The Skeleton Dance. JimmyWilson01’s video released in 2010 has gained over 14 million views as of October 2017. This video was the launching point of the meme, and…

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Jack(-o-lantern) Russell terrier Features 

Jack(-o-lantern) Russell terrier

Photo By: BeNjamyn Upshaw-Ruffner   The spooky Jack Russell has a lot of energy for such a small dog because they are bred for speed. A crazy dog, some even say the Jack Russell is like a child at a candy store: They get very excited and don’t know how to contain their excitement until they crash from a sugar high. Bred in south England, this dog’s purpose was hunting foxes. Fun fact: The Jack Russell got its name from John Russell, who was a fox enthusiast.   The Jack…

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El Día De Los Muertos Arts Features 

El Día De Los Muertos

The day of the dead is more than just wearing skull makeup, dressing like La Catrina (Elegant skull) and wearing sombreros. It is a sacred Mexican tradition which represents much more than dressing like a fancy skeleton. This tradition has been celebrated for more than 3000 years. November 2nd of every year in Mexico, we honor the death of our loved ones. We decorate their tombs with colorful flowers and their favorite things like a book, or pastries, making sure their tombs are beautifully decorated. The meaning of this celebration…

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