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A Man Out Of Time Features 

A Man Out Of Time

When we hear about a new emerging artist, we rarely think of someone as young and modest as David Marino. In a world where we have modern music, comes a young man out of time.  David’s style of music is like none other; he sings jazz and might become the next big artist to put Montreal on the map. Montreal crooner David Marino was just eighteen years old when he found himself in the finals of TVA’s popular vocal competition show in Quebec La Voix. As an anglophone he was…

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Chez Doris and Homelessness In Montreal Features 

Chez Doris and Homelessness In Montreal

Chez Doris is a woman’s day center in Montreal. It has been in operation for almost 40 years. Doris, the center’s namesake, was living on the streets in the 1970’s, and at this time the resources for homeless women were non-existent.  She did have a caseworker, and Doris told her one day that she wished to have a safe place to go with no questions asked. Doris was raped and found murdered a couple of days later. In 1977, her caseworker started Chez Doris in Doris’ memory, with the policy…

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Saving the Bees: What’s All the Buzz About? Features 

Saving the Bees: What’s All the Buzz About?

A common childhood fear is that of bees, and, like most things stemming from youth, said fear often follows into adult life. Therefore, the recently popularized phrase, “save the bees”, may spur up confusion with many asking why it is so important to protect such seemingly menacing creatures. However, we do not give bees credit for all of the work that they do in everyday life. Bees are known to be the world’s most efficient and effective pollinators. While travelling from plant to plant in search of nectar, they carry…

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Viola Desmond: The Canadian Businesswoman and Her Influence Features 

Viola Desmond: The Canadian Businesswoman and Her Influence

Viola Desmond, born and raised in Halifax, was a successful business woman and entrepreneur in the beauty salon industry. The former school teacher had always wanted to open her own hairdressing business, however many beauty schools denied admission to Black women. She then travelled from city to city for courses until she finally obtained her diploma in hairdressing in Atlantic City. In 1937, Desmond began Vi’s Studio of Beauty Culture, where she provided hair and cosmetic services to racially-mixed clientele in Halifax. After much success in a few years, she…

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Radical Histories: Consciousness Reacts Features 

Radical Histories: Consciousness Reacts

As Malcolm X lost his perfect vision, straining his eyes to read through the dim light captured by the cleavage of his cell door, he learnt the history of blacks in America. I have read his autobiography and it is clear that among its cardinal desire is to make a point on history. History, Malcolm X insisted, had been hidden from African Americans, left out of textbooks and public discussion. He knew that if it was only torn from the shadows and the stories of African civilization and the slave-trade…

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Food Waste Features 

Food Waste

It is not at all uncommon to see a perfectly wrapped and uneaten sandwich, or a half eaten container of takeout in the garbage bin. Sadly, discarded food is a sight seen far too often. According to a recent study, Canada is one of the worst offenders. Research conducted over the past year by public and industry leaders in food waste Second Harvest and Value Chain International found that Canadians have wasted or lost nearly 60 percent of the food they produced, which equates to 35.5 million metric tonnes of…

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Poop with a Purpose Features 

Poop with a Purpose

We all need some poop in our lives that takes the form of comedy. In the case of this article, it is shit. The Shit Museum is located in a rural stretch of northern Italy 62 miles outside Milan. The museum has all kinds of shit, ranging from cow poop to dog poop. A few crystal spheres exhibit poop to show the components of it. The museum has a farm next to it. The official website of the museum states that shit powers all the different installations of the farm….

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Radical Biographies: Murray Bookchin and the Anarchist’s Nature Features 

Radical Biographies: Murray Bookchin and the Anarchist’s Nature

Murray Bookchin would have been a gadfly had he not trilled the notes of beauty and imagination. The philosopher was raised in a different society. Political discussion was public discussion, frequently done at the feet of the local candy store. If the weather was nice, one could go hear the daily preachings of radicals at street corners. There was hope for revolution in this 1930s Working Class New York City village. These conditions inspired a philosophy that places a great value on the experience of freedom and equality. Bookchin’s own…

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Artificial Intelligence and Modern-Day Consumers Features 

Artificial Intelligence and Modern-Day Consumers

Spotify, Apple Music, Air Miles, Facebook, PC Optimum, and Instagram. All of these programs and applications are currently monitoring and tracking your consuming behaviour. These multi-million and multi-billion-dollar companies are using Artificial Intelligence to compute and organize this information so that marketers can further adjust and personalize campaigns. Retail businesses are also doing the same. However, their main focus is to use the AI programs for online websites to drive up the number of e-commerce transactions with recommendations and a more personalized shopping experience. Inherently, these AI programs will change…

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A Call To Action Features 

A Call To Action

We still continue to treat our home without a care. We seem to forget that without it, we do not exist. We live in a time where technological advancement and artificial intelligence[1] headline the news. We’ve become so far removed from our roots, so obsessed with ourselves, that the mass extinction[2], oil spillages [3]and rising sea levels[4] are just things that we can brush aside and hide under the carpet. We can not stand for this. Too many times do people say, “my actions won’t change anything.” This puts into…

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