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Five Finals Tips Campus 

Five Finals Tips

Failing a test doesn’t make you a failure. Don’t let a failing mark define who you are. Some goals are just harder to achieve than others, but that doesn’t make you any less capable of accomplishing them. Brush yourself off and try again. You may have lost this round, but at least you’ve gained experience. SLEEP, PLEASE. Getting a proper amount of sleep improves memory retention. Those all-nighters may not be as rewarding as you may think. They can do more harm than good, especially to your overall sleeping patterns….

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The Machine Learning and AI Speakers Series Campus 

The Machine Learning and AI Speakers Series

This semester, the Vanier’s Mathematics Department and STEM Centre, along with a group of passionate students, launched the Machine Learning and AI Speakers Series as a way of teaching Vanier students about the field of artificial intelligence and making it more accessible to them. As a follow-up to the successful Winter Statistical Learning School that took place over the Winter Break, this was an excellent opportunity to bring in some of the top machine learning researchers in the country. The cities of Montreal and Toronto, in particular, have been at…

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The Open Door Network and U.M.B.R.E.L.L.A. Meet and Greet Social Campus 

The Open Door Network and U.M.B.R.E.L.L.A. Meet and Greet Social

All Vanier students and staff of the LGBTQ+ community were welcomed to a meet and greet social event on April 12th. Allies were also welcomed at the event. Seating was arranged in a circle and attendees had the opportunity to sit and converse with others in the LGBTQ+ community. There was also a snack table that featured samosas, fruits, and vegetables as well as some sweets. The conversation between attendees was very light-hearted and friendly. After some great conversation, the special guest of the event Lucas Charlie Rose arrived. Attendees…

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New Universal Complementary Course on Indigenous Studies Campus 

New Universal Complementary Course on Indigenous Studies

NEVER BEEN IDLE: Indigenous Peoples in Canada. The injustices that have faced indigenous people in Canada since the arrival of the first European colonizers will definitely remain the largest taint in our country’s history. Despite all attempts from the colonizers to assimilate them, the indigenous people of Canada have continuously resisted throughout the centuries and have survived to tell their tale. In a time of reconciliation and justice, indigenous people are telling their stories of resistance and battle to preserve their culture, identity, and communities. Now Vanier College students will…

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Financial Aid at Vanier Campus 

Financial Aid at Vanier

One of the ways to get Financial Aid is through the Financial Aid and socio-economic office located in C-203. Here, help is provided for obtaining an interest-free government loan. Some factors influence this, like your financial situation. Another way of receiving help is with scholarships. Scholarships are your studies being paid by the school, or another organization. Factors of eligibility will vary depending on the scholarship. More information and resources can be found on the Vanier website, by typing the word scholarship in the search bar.   Written By: Sara…

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Straw and Stir Stick Ban Initiative Campus 

Straw and Stir Stick Ban Initiative

Plastic straws and stir sticks are much more harmful to the environment than you think. There are many alarming statistics surrounding straw usage, such as the fact that Americans alone consume enough straws to wrap around the world 2.5 times every single day. Many types of straws are made of polypropylene and contain BPA, which leaks harmful toxins such as synthetic estrogen into what you’re drinking. Straws also rank in the top 10 for marine debris and take over 200 years to break down into non-biodegradable micro-plastics. On top of…

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The Vanier First Aid Team Campus 

The Vanier First Aid Team

The Vanier First Aid team was conceived two semesters ago by Jeremy Levett, a Health Science student here at Vanier. The headquarters is located in D-105 (Jake’s metro area) and is open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday to Friday. An official ribbon-cutting ceremony was held on Wednesday, March 7th, where Jeremy was joined by Vanier’s Director General John McMahon to celebrate this occasion. The Director-General had this to say about the project: “This is truly an impressive project and I am proud to see how engaged our students…

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The Vanier Muslim Student Association Club Campus 

The Vanier Muslim Student Association Club

The Muslim Student Association, or MSA Vanier is a club run by Muslim students at Vanier College where all Vanier students get together to pray and learn more about the Islamic religion. It is the oldest students’ association club at Vanier. The club is located in B-520 and it is opened to all the students who want to pray during the day. Executive members are present in the room during the week from Monday until Friday, 8-6:00. Anass Jerroumi is the coordinator who organizes Friday prayers. There are two Friday…

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Hackathon Champions Again Campus 

Hackathon Champions Again

Last year, within a week of being founded, the Vanier Tech Club saw one of its teams win the Université de Montréal hackathon. The club has since sent its members to various hackathons around Montreal with varying success and was finally able to come back to where it all started on the weekend of February 24th and 25th. This year, the VTC sent three teams to the UdeM hackathon, joining another team from Vanier that was formed independently of the club. They were confronted with the challenge of programming an…

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A Tunnel From The D Building To The N Building is Planned for 2018 Campus 

A Tunnel From The D Building To The N Building is Planned for 2018

The outdoor temperature is minus 25°C, the snow storm is hitting in full force. You look at your schedule; the next class is in N531. You take a deep breath: “Oh. The N Building walk…” If you’re a Vanier student, you know this struggle too well. However, the famous “N Building walk” will soon be put into the history books, thanks to the recent announcement of a new underground tunnel linking the D Building and the N Building. According to documents obtained by The Insider, the 9-meter-wide tunnel will start…

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