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The Origins of Women’s Studies at Vanier Campus 

The Origins of Women’s Studies at Vanier

2019 marks the fortieth anniversary of the founding of the Women’s Studies program (now Women’s and Gender Studies). Vanier College was the first post-secondary educational institution to doctor such a program in Quebec. Its creation is owed to the hard work of Vanier’s faculty members. Maggie Kathwaroon who is the current coordinator of the program, explained the benefits of the major. “[the classes and events give] the opportunity to talk about how society views masculine and feminine, male and female, and its impact on how safe we feel” said Maggie….

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People of Vanier: Say Hello To Michael Unger Campus 

People of Vanier: Say Hello To Michael Unger

The following is an interview with the Vanier library clerk Michael Unger.   S: First question. What made you want to work in the library?   M: […] I did a stage, I worked some casual hours here and there. Eventually I was working part-time, then I applied to be permanent full-time.   S: Interesting. The next question is, what kind of literature interests you?   M: Oh, I like the old stuff. Literature from the 19th century, like Charles Dickens, Dostoyevsky, stuff like that. Some of the Russian literature,…

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Black Artists At Vanier Arts Campus 

Black Artists At Vanier

Happy Black History Month! This is a month that was made to look back on the great people that paved the way for us, but also to appreciate our current black kings and queens! The talented and amazing up and coming black artists that are featured in this article make this blessed month even more of a celebration. Interviewed in this piece are students from the Communications program here at Vanier. I am a Communications student myself (@Ari_Kiara), and I can proudly say that in the program we are like…

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Notes From A Student Forum Campus 

Notes From A Student Forum

Professor Ara K. had come into the newsroom to pitch his story. I put on my thinking cap and adjusted my collar. It was a classic forum, 8 students, 3 teachers, given the chance to play a part in a parliamentary simulation. “Political activity in the belly of our educational system,” I thought. “This should be good.” I took the case and K. left. The next time I saw Ara K. he had brought company. Sitting across from me was Melissa Paradis, a political scientist just like K., humble, thoughtful….

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The Helpline Where Your Call Gets A Decline Campus 

The Helpline Where Your Call Gets A Decline

Raise your hand if you’ve felt personally victimized by the Vanier College registration hotline. At least, that’s how I certainly felt. Registration is probably the most stressful time leading up to the semester. There’s that dread with starting over again after having been away for so long. The stress in hoping you get the class with the teacher who has a 4.8 rating or from wanting to be in a class with your best friend. The fact that you might have to deal with an intense course load doesn’t help…

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The Vanier Model United Nations Campus 

The Vanier Model United Nations

The Vanier Model United Nations is a student-run organization founded in 2013. It now has approximately 50 active members and is still looking to expand! Model UN allows students to improve their knowledge of current politics and history. Moreover, it enables students to polish their public speaking skills as well as improve their writing abilities. The members of Vanier Model UN (VMUN) meet on a weekly basis in order to debate about a variety of topics such as nuclear disarmament, the European refugee crisis, and the recent Mueller investigation. Students…

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Your Community Scoop Campus 

Your Community Scoop

This article is for the student who finds themselves curious or a wayfarer. Either or, I think you’ll note some small insights into the ongoings of that delectable hub of hormones called the VCSA. Essential information for the upcoming strike-vote is herein included as well.   New Man Strikes the Fan Beniel Dube gave some nervous chuckles at the beginning of the interview. He seems to enjoy company. The Clubs Coordinator is warm, neither trying to come up on top in conversation, or guilty of concern for the flaws of…

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Student Life at Vanier and The STAR Program Campus 

Student Life at Vanier and The STAR Program

Vanier Student Life organizes events on campus throughout the semester and encourages students to get involved by offering them many volunteering opportunities. Students who are interested in planning and organizing various social, cultural, and recreational events can join a group in Student Life called Vanier Student Leaders. Students at Vanier College are offered EPIC leadership workshops, and Adulting 101 which is life skills workshops. Vanier Student Life works with different departments at Vanier, including Vanier College Students’ Association and TASC. Kristen Whitelaw is the Student Life recreational activities technician who…

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Vanier Teacher Martine Dugrenier’s Wrestling Career Campus 

Vanier Teacher Martine Dugrenier’s Wrestling Career

Martine Dugrenier is a retired Canadian wrestler and a physical education teacher at Vanier College. As a teenager, Martine was a gymnast who aimed to get a scholarship to study in the United States. However, Martine fractured her knee which made her stay in Montreal and study at Vanier College. After taking a wrestling class at Vanier College, her teacher who was a national coach saw that she has a great physical ability, and convinced Martine to join the wresting team and compete for Concordia University team when she graduated…

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Student-Run Production of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof Campus 

Student-Run Production of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

Cat on A Hot Tin Roof is a classic 20th Century play written by American playwright Tennessee Williams in 1955. The story of this play surrounds the members of a wealthy family living on a plantation in Mississippi. Brick, the main protagonist and an ex-football player and his wife Margaret – also referred to as Maggie the Cat – are currently having marital problems. Maggie wants to have a baby, just as Brick’s brother Gooper and his wife Mae have done five times. Brick is strongly against having a child…

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